About five years back one half dead specimen was brought to Calcutta Snake Park by a boy of about 10 years who found this snake and injured it trough a stick and came for selling it to the snake park. To save the life of the injured snake we have given the boy one Cadbury and taken the snake and given necessary first-aid to the snake and the snake survived. I was more or less careless; thinking it a Lycodon jara just treated very carelessly and told my staff to release it in nature as soon as it recovers. After this incident twice we got the similar specimens in the North 24 Pgs. District of West Bengal, India and I have not given any care. About four years back once specimen was brought to me which one was about 1 ft. in length and wood pencil thick, I found a colour in the head and neck joint which was looking like glow sine when I looked at it through a torch light at night and then only I was very careful about the snake, kept it in a good glass cage with some dry leafs to hide and arrange for termites and grass hoppers as food. On the fourth night I found in lamp light that the snake was taking the termites and after taking few termites it has taken water. I have observed it very carefully and found the glossy yellow line, it is not only on the head and neck joint but faintly it has covered the upper jaw up to lip from both the sides. Under side light brown and the colour is light green with thousands of yellow spots in so many series on the whole body. Then it was end monsoon during cleaning our banana garden my staff found one specimen with three eggs of about one centimeter long and rice thick in thickness, dusty white in colour. It was inside a small termite mound of about 2 inches height inside dry banana leafs. Then laying season feeding habit and the time of availability and the maximum size was known to me. It's a nocturnal snake and mostly available in the rainy season may be breeding during rains and lays eggs in the end monsoon. I have verified the specimen with several herpetological sources and everybody appreciated this specimen as new one. So before publishing the snake in any Journal I have given an interview in Indian Express News Daily with a snap in my name 'DIPAK'S WOLF SNAKE' and I have given a Latin name also by myself 'Lycodon dipakii', more information's and other details waiting further studies on this snake.

Bengali Name: Dipchiti. Latin Name: Lycodon dipakii. Non Venomous
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